The Truth About...

The Truth About: Hair Extensions

Flawless Hair Extensions

Flawless Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered how celebrities were able to have short hair one moment and viola.. long gorgeous tresses the next? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of hair extensions. For years, women have been adding in human hair to blend with their own for extra volume or even length. Some use it as a protective method to preserve their own delicate locks and some just like the idea of changing their hairstyles when the mood strikes them. If you’ve ever contemplated this idea, then read below and decided which method of “weaving” works best for you! *Fun Fact over 90% of celebrities on the red carpet are wearing hair extensions!***


This style works best for women who want to add volume to their hair. It requires no commitment, meaning you can take them out and put them in at will. They can range in size from a 1″ piece to a full track. The added benefit is that they are virtually undetectable (clip ins are placed under the top layer of your hair to hide the clasps) and very easy to remove!


This method requires a lot more commitment as it can last up to 3-5 months on average. The stylist takes about 30 strands of your hair and infuses it with extensions (also known as micro-link). They are linked very closely to your scalp so the end result is extensions that give the illusion that it’s growing from your own head!  However, this method has the longest processing time, about five hours from start to finish. 


One of the most popular methods for wearing hair extensions is the sew in. This hairstyle requires some commitment (about 6-8 weeks on average). Your natural hair is braided and the extensions are sewn onto the braids to give the appearance of longer, fuller hair. Sometimes glue can be an alternative method as well. Because your natural hair is protected underneath, this is the most ideal hairstyle for women who constantly style their hair.  It reduces the damage done to your natural hair and can help for those transitioning between textures (i.e. from relaxed to natural). It’s very important to give extra TLC to your tresses when wearing a sewn in as well. 


For centuries women and even some men have worn a wig. From British royalty to judges and of course the ladies of Dynasty, have made the wig the most popular go-to product, ever! The versatility, the ease of access and the fact that you can change it up whenever you like, are just some of the perks that come along with wearing wigs. This method requires absolutely no commitment and can protect your tresses underneath just like a sewn in.  However, make sure that you try the wig on  before purchase and have your stylist cut and color the wig for added realness. 

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