#Hair Care101 / The Truth About...

The Truth About: Water Temperature and Hair Care


Did you know washing your hair with two different water settings directly contributes to healthy hair? Studies have shown that there are benefits to washing your hair with both hot and cold water.

Washing your hair with cold water has its obvious drawbacks. For example, it can reduce the volume of your hair, for those women who have thinner tresses and cold water isn’t exactly comfortable. However, cold water makes you hair shiner and reduces frizz! Yep, it’s true. Cold water helps with closing your cuticle after you’ve washed your hair and are rinsing out your conditioner! Hot water helps to open your hair cuticles so it only makes sense to use cold water to close them.

Cold water also leaves your scalp cleaner, who knew? The science behind this is that cold water also closes shut your pores protecting them from dirt, oil and grease; helps to decrease shedding. One more cold fact? It helps increases blood circulation to your scalp which helps with hair loss.

Now, before you jump into that cold shower, it’s important to know that hot water plays a major factor with tress health as well. Hot water opens the cuticle which is super important when washing and conditioning your hair, as stated earlier. An open cuticle allows for effective cleansing which makes it easier to remove dirt, build up and oils.

A word to the wise! Too much hot water is a major no-no! Why? Well it can weaken your hair roots and make your hair easier to break!

So now you know, when cleaning your hair it’s important to warm it up first and rinse cool for healthy hair!


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