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PSA: The Unforseen Dangers behind Extensions and Wigs

Countess Vaughn

Countess Vaughn

Many women across the globe often wear wigs or hair extensions for a number of reasons. Whether they just want to add length or volume or recently overcame a tough battle with cancer, the use of clip ins, extensions and wigs are available to those who want to enhance their look. A couple of weeks ago actress, Countess Vauhgn came forward with her story about how her excessive use of lace front wigs started to negatively effect her health. More specifically, the regular wear of lace fronts and the glue used to adhere the wig to your natural hair line left her scarred and not just physically. 

The Moesha and The Parkers star admits that her five-year-long love affair with lace front wigs, which required her to use a glue adhesive, caused a severe scalp infection that resulted in hair loss, pus-filled blisters, scarring, discoloration, and even a facial infection. Even after she discovered that she could have a scalp infection, she allowed the infection to worsen over a six-month period because she could not even fathom letting go of the wigs that somehow helped to increase her sense of self-worth. Out of respect for Ms. Vaughn we will not post the pictures of the damaged caused by the lace wigs. Nevertheless, the aftermath wasn’t a pretty sight. 

To many women see celebrities such Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Hudson rocking beautiful long flowing wigs and want to recreate those looks for themselves to attain that “perfect image”. While they are not to blame and we aren’t placing any blame on them, what most women don’t know is that they have a team of experts that can fly anywhere to cater to their needs. They often switch up their hair often out of obligation to photo shoots, appearances or concert shows, but also to maintain and care for their natural tresses underneath. 

It’s important for women to know that prolonging the wear of a wig or extensions do more harm than good. Never get so wrapped up in the idea of looking the part that you put your health at risk.  Ideally, you should remove extensions at least every 2-3 months to allow your scalp to breathe and care for you natural hair. Always consult a stylist when it comes to extensions and wigs and never ignore and itching, burning or irritation of your scalp; this is the number one sign that something is wrong. Ignoring these clues will result in more than just hair loss, it will leave you scared physically and emotionally. 

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