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#HairCare101: 6 Tips to keep your tresses chlorine free!

thAs summer draws near and the pools open up it’s important to give extra TLC to your tresses. Chlorine may eventually turn your blonde hair green if you swim every day, it will dry out your hair, and it doesn’t have a pleasant smell. Fortunately, there are many easy and healthy remedies you can use, and we will tell you some of the ways to get the chlorine out.

It seems ironic that wetting your hair in the swimming pool could leave it so dry, but the structure of your hair is vulnerable to drying agents, like the chlorine in swimming pools. The cortex (inner layer) of hair is protected by the cuticle (outer later). Sebum is a natural lubricant that protects the cuticle. The chlorine in pools sucks the sebum out of your hair, which may cause the cuticle to crack. This damage causes your hair’s natural sheen to diminish, and potentially “split,” creating split ends. Here are some tips to help protect from pool water damage:

1. Go light on hair coloring, perms, waves, hot curlers/combs, and blow dryers.
2. Wear a rubber bathing cap. Although it doesn’t keep all of the water out, it helps. Sports stores or online stores that sell swimmers’ equipment would have caps in a wide range of sizes.
3. Before putting the bathing cap on, put conditioner in your hair.
4. After swimming, rinse hair with tap water, preferably using shampoo.
5. To dry hair, don’t rub. Pat or squeeze gently and/or wrap in a towel. Blow dry your hair on medium or cool settings or air dry.
6. Use a wide-tooth comb, not a brush, to detangle wet hair.



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