#HauteHairTrends / Celebrity Hair Look of the Week

Why Every Bride Should Copy Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Hairstyle!!

Photo Credit: People.com

Photo Credit: People.com

This past weekend, Singer/Fashion Mogul, Jessica Simpson got hitched and if you’re like us you’ve been waiting with baited breath to see her wedding look! Well, the folks over at People.com gave the entire world an exclusive peek at Jessica in all her blushing bride glory…and of course we were not disappointed. First off, lets just take a moment to take in her beauty..the woman is gorgeous. Now, her hair is EVERYTHING!!! Reportedly, the mom of two used her darling daughters natural blonde color as inspiration for her own hair color transformation.

Then, to top it off she successfully pulled off the ultimate bride hairstyle. The half-up half-down princess inspired do is the perfect look for any bride getting hitched. It keeps the hair off the face, which allows for the groom to get the perfect view of his new bride (no one wants hair in their face on top of a veil) and it allowed her to keep her long locks neatly tucked away in the back.

No fly-aways, no frizz needless to say brides across the globe are clamoring to recreate this look, and why not? It’s the perfect bridal hairstyle!!

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