3 Ways to Style your Long Bob

photo (11)

Undoubtedly, the hottest hairstyle trend of the season is the LOB aka the long bob. This hairstyle traditionally falls between the jaw and the shoulders. Countless celebrities like Kerry Washington, January Jones, even First Lady Michelle Obama has rocked this trend. The most flattering lobs are just slightly longer in the front than in the back, with neatly blunt ends. So, need to amp up the wow factor with your lob? Check out our tips below!

IF YOU HAVE STRAIGHT HAIR: Having one long outer layer that’s slightly shorter thank the rest of the ends and snipping the ends vertically keeps your lob from looking too square. However, it maintains the appearance of a blunt line at the bottom.  

IF YOU HAVE WAVY HAIR: Congratulations this cut is perfect for your hair texture! To keep the look fresh, ask your stylist for layers at the bottom to soften the looking and keep it from looking to shaggy. 

IF YOU HAVE CURLY HAIR: Avoid the Annie look by having your stylist add layers just on the underside of your hair, mainly just above the neck with thinning shears. 



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