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Products R’ Us: Hairbrush 101

How do you know if you’re using the right hair brush? Our hair tools are just as important as our hair products and some of us are guilty of using the wrong products. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best hairbrushes for your hair type and desired styling. Whether you need to detangle, add volume or create a smooth blow out we’ve go you covered!

Round Brushes-Used to add volume to limp tresses!

 image (2)

(From the top: Ion Tourmaline Conditioning Boar Bristle Round Brush, Beautique Tahiti Wood Thermal Round Brush, Hot N Silky Boar Round Brush)


Cushion Brushes-Used to reduce shedding and distribute oils evenly to your scalp. 

image (3)


(From the Top: Brush Strokes All Boar Cushion Brush, One’n’ Only Argan Heat Cushion Paddle Brush, Took Science Nano Silver Cushion Paddle Brush) 


Vent Brushes-Used for blow-drying hair and reducing static and frizz.

image (7)

(From the Top: Cricket Friction Free Vent Brush, Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Ultra Vent Brush, Brush Strokes Anti-Static Tunnel Vent Brush)


Styling Brushes-Used to create texture and style to tresses!

image (6)

(From the left: Ion Anti-Frizz Wide Tease Brush, Denman D3 Styling Brush, Denman D4 Styling Brush)


Detangling Brushes– Used to gently detangle and smooth out wet or dry tresses!

image (8)

(From the top: Plugged In Tangle Tamer Max, Tangle Teezer Detangle Brush, The Wet Brush)


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