Cornrows: Urban or Mainstream?



Recently, a paparazzi photo of Khloe Kardashian running errands hit the net and while its commonplace to see pictures of her and her family running rampant on the blogs this photo in particular seemed to get a bit more conversation than the rest. The topic you ask? Her desired choice of hairstyle i.e her cornrows. Often thought of as a ‘black’ urban hairstyle, it seems that plaits or braids have become more mainstream, with more and more starlets rocking the trend. However, still the whispers and gaps still continue, which begs the questions: when did a hairstyle gain a race? There’s no such thing as a black or white hairstyle, so lets just cut the bull now. Upon further inspection, it seems Khloe was heading to the gym so perhaps instead of jamming her tresses into a messy ponytail, she opted for long braids to protect her hair while she got her sweat on. It’s perfectly okay for her to rock this trend, just as it’s appropriate for Beyonce to dye her tresses blonde. Neither hair trend is off limit to anyone, especially based on ethnic backgrounds. So, let it be known every woman has the right to bear cornrows! Rock on Khloe! Check out more pics below!

kk2 Khloe Kardashian Debuts Braids At The Gym


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