#Hair Care101 / How To

Hair Tricks & Tips: Voluminous Locks

Trying to get perfect hair is a quest that all women face, and you can add more volume to the top of that list! So we’ve decided to offer some great tips to give you that big hair you’ve always wanted! Check them out below!

TIP #1: Defy Gravity
Try blow-drying your hair upside down! First, dry your hair towards the opposite side of where it lays. For example, the hair the lays on the right should be blown towards the left & repeat on the other side. To do a mega-body blowout, wrap each section of hair around the brush, lift, and aim your blow-dryer at the roots.

TIP #2: Feel the Heat
Hot rollers are perfect for creating not only big waves but also root lift and bounce, which curling irons can’t usually do. Plus, they don’t get as hot, so they’re far less damaging on fine or thin hair. Lift sections of dry hair at your crown, wrap your ends around the roller, and coil it down toward your scalp. After 15 minutes, remove, run your fingers through your hair, and finish by misting hair spray all over. Blast your roots for extra lift.

TIP #3: Start Snipping
A simple trim can also buy you some bounce. Fine hair is easily weighed down, so lose a couple of inches for instant body. If your hair is thin from damage, get a blunt cut to remove broken ends and make the bottom of your hair look thicker. If allover oomph is what you’re after, add long layers short ones can appear straggly.


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