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Hair Care 101: 4 Signs you need a new Hair Dryer


A blow dryer is a girls BFF and like most things need to be replaced. Using an out-of-date blow dryer can do major damage to your tresses. So check out our helpful tips below and see if your dryer is in need of a upgrade!

TIP#1: You can’t see the filter.
Most hair dryers feature filters that stop foreign debris from affecting their performance. The filter may consist of a foam or mesh material and is designed to catch debris such as hair or dust. This is an essential component and without it the motor can overheat, which is not only bad for your blow dryer but for your hair as well.

TIP#2: It’s over 5 years old
Make sure to check the warranty and life span on your blow dryer. This will give you a time frame of when to replace it. If your dryer is out-of-date, its effectiveness will be as well.

TIP#3: Your drying time has almost doubled.
If it use to take you 25 minutes to blow dry your hair and now you’re pushing towards an hour, that’s a HUGE sign that your machine needs to be tossed in the trash.

TIP#4: It screeches or smells
This is a no brainer. If your dryer is doing any of these, immediately replace it. Failure to do so could result in a dangerous electrical fire.


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