#Hair Care101

To much or Not Enough: How Much Styling Product do you use?


So, like most women your beauty cabinet is filled to capacity with the latest hair products. But, have you ever noticed some run out while others last weeks even months? So what’s up with that? Well, chances are that you’re using too much of one product and not enough of another. Don’t fret, we’ve provided you with a distribution guideline to help solve the mystery of…too much or not enough! Take a look below!

Shampoo: Dependent on the length and thickness of your hair, you should use a hazelnut- or walnut-sized amount of shampoo. It is best to apply the shampoo in small portions to your hair. Thoroughly rinse out all traces of shampoo.

Conditioner: A hazelnut-sized amount of conditioning rinse is sufficient. Allow the conditioner to saturate the hair before rinsing it out thoroughly.

Styling mousse: Is normally applied to dry hair until the hair feels slightly damp. This may require an up to tennis ball-sized amount for long hair. Less mousse is sufficient for short hair. Start with a walnut-sized dollop and add as needed.

Hair oil: Must be used in small droplets. Distribute one or two drops across the palms of your hands. Then touch the hair ends with the palms of your hand. This is the best way to benefit from the hair oils and enjoy brilliant lustre and manageability. If hair oil is used in this way before the shampoo it will protect the hair ends from drying out. Hair oils are also ingredients of leave-in hair treatments. Curly hair may need slightly more than 1 or two drops of hair oil.

Hair gels: Range in holding power between soft hold and ultra-strong hold. Using a large amount does not impart the holding power of a strong hair gel to gels, which are designed to provide soft hold. The holding power of the gel determines how soft your hair will be after the application. Start with a pea-sized dollop and increase the amount as needed.


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