#HauteHairTrends: Bettie Page Bangs

It seems like the 50s pinup queen has once again casted her spell over pop culture! Often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups”, her jet black hair, blue eyes, and trademark bangs (or fringe in the UK) have influenced artists for generations.

It seems now some of the hottest celebs have been seen out and about rocking the starlets trendy fringe.
Most noticeably, Queen Beyonce was seen in London and France rocking Bettie Page bangs. Although this isn’t her first time paying homage to Ms. Page (i.e her music videos for “Video Phone” and “Why Don’t You Love Me”.) the singer got some flack from critics who weren’t fans of the look.

Even Vogue Japan did a cover shot of former Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr in full geisha attire again rocking full on Bettie Page bangs. Out question is, is this trend coming back or is it totally whack? Scroll down for more photos and sound off below!




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