#HauteHairTrends: Golden Globes Edition


The 72nd Annual Golden Globe Award Show aired last night and per usual it was full of glitz, glam and Hollywood Stars! There were tons of trends on the red carpet, from fashion to makeup and of course hair! Take a look below!

REDHEADS RULE THE WORLD? It certainty felt that way as a bevy of strawberry, crimson and cherry hues made a splash last night! (Clockwise from the left: Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams & Jessica Chastain)


BIG AND BOLD!! Voluminous, teased tresses were all the trend last night proving that bigger is always better!! (Top: Lupita Nyongo Bottom left: Jennifer Lopez, Lana Del Rey)


Pinned Up Up and Away!! If your face is your best feature the best hairstyles include a chic pony or loose bun. Romantic and trendy! (Top: Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen Bottom: Jennifer Aniston)



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