#HauteHairTrends: The Dark Roots Takeover


Gone are the days when dark roots were a huge taboo in the hair world. It seems these days the latest hair trend to pop up this season is dark roots! Celebrities and savy women worldwide are making a huge statement by refusing to cover up…their roots that is. Weird? Trust us we thought so to, but it seems like skipping out on your scheduled touch up is haute these days and we kinda can guess why. First things first, dark roots look super bad ass. Yeah we said it, it’s edgy, daring and mysterious. Another pro, it gives your tresses more depth. The illusion of dark roots gives your hair that ‘lived in’ look and the appearance of longer tresses. The best thing about the dark roots trend? How about not having to rush to the salon and shell out more money! This trend is pocketbook friendly and totally cool! It works on blondes, redheads and some brunettes (Chestnuts and honey hues) even with those daring enough to go grey! So, are you bold enough to let your roots show? What do you think of this trend? HAUTE OR NOT?


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